Season’s greetings

Summer arrived Monday at 6:34 p.m. That was the solstice — “sun stop” in Latin — when Old Sol halts its northern movement and starts heading south again.
For those who love light and believe night is good only for sleeping, it is a joyful time, with 16 hours of sunlight. The dreary days of seasonal affective disorder are long gone, and the world is bright — and warm.
For lovers of the outdoors, June 20 is a lot more significant and worthy of holiday status than Jan. 1, a dismal and silly celebration, signifying little more than taking down one calendar and hanging another, or watching Windows do it for you. It’s not a new school year, it’s not a new fiscal year, it’s not even an astronomical event — it’s just the changing of numbers, arranged by long-forgotten Roman emperors.
The longest day, on the other hand, is a real event, a more than symbolic day on which we welcome the most enjoyable time of the year, when we can relax more, play more, and generally recharge our lives.
So, a few days late, we wish you a Happy New Solstice.