Science Readers will meet in Wilton tonight

The Humanists and Freethinkers of Fairfield County (HFFC) has launched a new Science Readers group, which will meet at Orem's Diner tonight, April 23, at 7.

The group aims to give people the chance to learn about and dissect hot topics in the world of science. 

HFFC of Fairfield County President Cary Shaw said the group has met at "a couple other locations already," but expects to continue meeting in Wilton. Future meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of each month from May 28 to June 25.

Science Readers was the brainchild of Dr. Ruth Light, a physician, who organizes each meeting based on articles in popular science magazines and journals like Scientific American. Articles are distributed in advance of the meeting so that participants can read them and do their own research on the topic.

Recent Science Readers meetings have covered subjects like neurobiology, the science of sex and gender, and climate change.

Though participants are encouraged to share their opinions, the watchword for the group is “evidence.” Members were encouraged to voice their convictions but asked to share the sources that led them to their conclusions.

Shaw said there are “many reasons” people should attend Science Readers meetings.

“Typically, the broadcast news relating to science is in small bytes without much explanation — namely what happened but not why, what the science is behind it and what the implications for us and the future are,” he said.

“Science Readers is a place to learn and explore the answers. It is also a way of getting together with nice people.”

First-time guests are invited to join the discussions for free, but repeat attendees must become HFFC members.

Orem's Diner is at 167 Danbury Road.

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