Saturday session attracts 10 to POCD

The Planning and Zoning Commission attracted 10 residents with fresh insights and opinions to its Saturday morning workshop session for the Plan of Conservation and Development June 2 at town hall.

The meeting started at 9 and ran until 12:30.

The purpose of the unusual Saturday workshop was to accommodate residents who could not attend the evening workshops that have been held over the last several months, said Town Planner Bob Nerney. However, many of the same residents attended, to comment further on their topics of interest.

“The majority previously attended but wanted an opportunity to provide further comment and elaborate on ideas,” Nerney said.

The consensus was there seems to be much more focus on design-type issues and identifying key areas within the community like Route 7, town center, Cannondale and Georgetown, compared with the previous POCD 10 years ago, Nerney said.

“There was not a huge turnout but those who did turn out presented some very good ideas and concepts that I think the commission received well, mostly involving design kinds of issues relative to the current topics,” he said.

The next regular workshop meeting for the POCD is June 21. It will be held at the Trackside teen center at 7 p.m. and focus on land conservation and sustainability issues.

The Plan of Conservation and Development is updated every 10 years. It is a guide for zoning and conservation issues going into the future.

The plan is being written with extensive public input by the consultants Milone & Macbroom.