Running for kids

September has been Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It is not an issue most people think about; no one wants it to happen to their child.
But here in Connecticut, about 500 children each year are receiving some form of treatment for cancer. For them, it’s not the same as the treatment adults experience. They might receive more intense treatments, the effects of which are different on growing bodies than adult bodies. They may respond differently to drugs that control symptoms in adults. And, they are just so young, the psychological effects of such a diagnosis must be profound.
Needless to say, affected families have a lot on their plate. At a time of such distress, Circle of Care steps in to help them cope — emotionally and financially. From the day of diagnosis, through treatment, and after, Circle of Care is there, no matter what.
On Saturday morning, volunteers and supporters will gather at Merwin Meadows to participate in a fund-raising 5K and fun run. The Bulletin is the event’s media sponsor. There is still time to join in. Visit and consider lending a hand not only to them but to families who could be your neighbors.