Rotary seeks host families for students

The Wilton Rotary Club will sponsor an exchange student from Japan during the 2015-16 academic year. Seventeen-year-old Elise will attend Wilton High School and live with three Wilton families while she is here.
She has studied English for 16 years. At home she has two younger siblings. Her father is a university lecturer and her mother teaches English. Elise loves music, and plays piano and  percussion in the school band in Japan.
The club is currently looking for three host families, preferably with at least one child who attends Wilton High School and who can introduce Elise to the school and some fellow students. Elise will live with each as if she were a member of the family.
Each host family is asked to open their home for three months — mid to late August through late November, late November to late February, late February through May.
The objectives of the program are to enable students to study first hand some of the problems and accomplishments of people in lands other than their own; and to broaden their outlook by meeting and learning to live with people of different cultures and by having to cope with day-to-day events in an environment completely different from their own. They are also expected to act as ambassadors for their own country while they are here, by addressing youth groups and community organizations and teaching the community about their culture.
Families interested in participating may call Elizabeth A. Edwards at 203-544-9945 or email