Rotary Club will unveil Wilton’s first peace pole on Sept. 20

The Wilton Rotary Club will soon begin installing peace poles in key locations throughout town as part of its Peace Pole Project.
The club used money from fund-raisers to purchase 11 poles that convey a message of peace in different languages.
To celebrate the installation of the town’s first peace pole, the Rotary Club will hold a 5 p.m. dedication at Wilton Library on Tuesday, Sept. 20, coinciding with the observance of the International Day of Peace.
The ceremony will include a brief introduction about Rotary International and the Peace Pole Project, followed by the unveiling of the library’s peace pole. Light refreshments will also be served.
“We expect members from our Rotary Club, as well as members from some of our sister clubs, town and school officials, students, business owners, and community leaders,” said Wilton Rotary Club member Carol Johnson.
According to Johnson, the Peace Pole Project promotes civic pride and sense of community and supports Rotary International’s tenet of “World Peace Through Understanding.”
“We are looking forward to bringing awareness of this project to all in the community, and more importantly, for what the poles represent — that understanding is the key ingredient to world peace,” said Johnson.
“We hope the community will join us at this very special celebration, and that other businesses and organizations throughout town will consider joining us in this effort to promote world peace — starting in our own community.”
In the ensuing weeks, peace poles will also be placed at the Wilton Family Y, Our Lady of Fatima, all four public schools, Trackside Teen Center, Wilton Center Travel, The Law Offices of Elizabeth Edwards, and 190 Old Ridgefield Road.
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