Room available for Trackside summer programming in Wilton

Room is still available for certain programs for the Trackside Teen Center in Wilton, as the schedule for the various activities at the non-profit organization has been extended.

The programs are open to all rising sixth grade through 10th grade students.

Existing members of the teen center will need to sign up for a new account when they checkout after they sign up for the programs.

The Trackside Teen Center is at 15 Station Road.

 The programs with room still available are:

 PrePlay Improv, which is the place to be when a student wants to express themselves theatrically,

 Interactive gaming, which is a chance for the students to play games without devices like cards, or pool, and allows the students to register for both of the programs,

 Teen Sports, which is a team building, and fun strategizing program, and

 The Running Club, which utilizes the students’ Trackside Teen Leaders showing the students the way.

Register for the different programs at