Road safety rules to be publicized

A public awareness campaign out of Wilton Town Hall to remind bicyclists and walkers of the rules of the road is likely to follow an informal public meeting at which First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice heard complaints from senior citizens about bicyclists with bad habits.
“They ride side by side and take up the whole road,” said one senior, who was frustrated the road was blocked one day when out for a drive with his wife.
Walkers too, like to travel side by side and put themselves into harm’s way on the town’s winding back roads, said another senior.
The seniors, who were promised anonymity by Vanderslice, spoke at the second Lunches With Lynne at town hall. The noontime session on Aug. 23 was an opportunity for the public to say what is on their mind in an informal setting.
Vanderslice munched on a sandwich and members of the audience sat in the audience or around the table with their own deli packages. A total of 10 mostly seniors attended.
“I’ll talk to the chief of police about it,” Vanderslice said following the session, which ran nearly one and a half hours.
A public awareness campaign to remind the bicyclists and walkers of road safety rules could probably be done without the help of a special committee, she said.
The public also complained about dog droppings. People walk their dogs on residential roads or in parks and don’t pick up after the pets, the seniors complained.
The citizens recommended that Vanderslice look into what neighboring towns like Westport do to keep their dog owners picking up the poop.