Revised accessory regulation approved

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed and unanimously approved a resolution to revise Section 29-4.D.1 of the town’s zoning regulations, pertaining to “accessory dwelling units in single-family residences,” during its Oct. 22 meeting.

Section 29-4.D.1 states that subject to the issuance of a zoning permit, “a single-family dwelling unit in any district may be converted to allow the inclusion of one additional dwelling unit per lot” as long as it meets certain conditions pertaining to unit size, occupancy, unit location, adequacy of facilities, outdoor stairways, driveways, lot sizes and yard requirements, and ownership certification.

Through the approved resolution, the Planning and Zoning Commission struck a sentence under the regulation’s minimum lot size and yard requirements condition, which stated that “accessory units shall not be permitted by action of the Zoning Board of Appeals.” Zoning Board of Appeals now has the power to grant variances for accessory units.

Assistant Town Planner Daphne White said the Planning and Zoning Commission “plans to review the accessory dwelling unit regulations later on, but a date has not been set for further revisions.”

The resolution goes into effect Oct. 29.