Residents enjoy sounds of summer at Wilton outdoor concert series

WILTON — The sounds of summer rolled over the meadows Sunday evening when the Parks and Recreation Department hosted its first summer concert at Schenck's Island.

Wilton resident Ray Bryant performed with a quartet of his friends, including bassist Chris D'Angelis, drummer Kenny Owens, and guitarist Matt Green, who also calls Wilton home.

The crowd was pleased to not only have a concert to bring their families to, but also excited that some local talent found a venue in which to perform.

“I think it's always wonderful that Parks and Rec is doing summer music for the town, and it's lovely to have local people that you know do the music,” explained resident Tammy Thornton, who came with her children to see the show.

“Ray is a good friend and a good musician,” she said.

Green noted that there were about 30 to 40 musicians he knew of in town whom he’d like to see playing out and about.

“There are a lot of artistic people in town looking for outlets,” he said, indicating that the summer concert series is one way to showcase the talent of town and nearby musicians while providing residents a measure of entertainment.

“This is fantastic,” Green said of the concert. “This is what people want.”

Green added that the town needs more outlets and opportunities for music performance. “It would be great to have more venues,” he said.

Rich Callahan, a Parks and Recreation official, said the town is currently working to create more venues and more opportunities for people to gather to watch live music.

“We're trying to have more events like this,” he said. “People love them. They bring their kids. They bring their dogs. They bring their blankets. It gives them a chance to interact with other people.”

Faima Dolimer, of Wilton, walked to the concert from her nearby home. She said she was pleased to have a concert outdoors. S

“I don't know who is playing, but right now it doesn't matter,” she said. “It's nice weather and it's a very nice place.”

Wilton resident and performer Bryant said he, too, hopes to see more concerts like this.

“People have been saying for a while that this is what they want,” he explained.

Two other town-sponsored concert will take place this month at Merwin Meadows, including Bakithi Kumalo on July 17 and One Bad Oyster on July 24. Both concerts are scheduled to begin at 5 p.m.