Request to purchase town land

The town has received a request from a homeowner at 66 Saddle Ridge Road to sell the family a small strip of town-owned land that abuts their property.

The street ends on a cul de sac, but the strip of land extends beyond the cul de sac enabling people are able to walk through it to get to Silvermine Golf Club and Silvermine Woods, First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice told the Board of Selectmen during a meeting July 23.

“People are walking down this area and cut across this person's property to get to Silvermine,” Vanderslice said. The town is liable if anything happens, she said, and if people are using the land to go onto private property, there are issues.

“The question here is before they spend money on legal work, would we be inclined to sell the land to them?” Vanderslice asked the selectmen. The consensus was that the town would be willing to talk about it.

First, there must be an appraisal and a public hearing, and a check with the town counsel to see if the property must be put up for general bid.

Vanderslice will report back to the family that the town is interested in having the conversation.