Republicans win annual softball match

Chairman of the Democratic Nominating Committee Paul Burnham recalls that the tradition of the Frivolity Bowl softball game between Wilton’s Democratic and Republican town committees began in the 60s or 70s.

David Borglum speculates that the games must have started in the 50s at the behest of then-Bulletin editor Dave Gearhart.

While no one is entirely sure when the two committees decided to take up their bats and duke it out on the ballfield, each committee member is certain that the yearly Fourth of July ritual preceded their time involved in Wilton politics.

After the event was rained out on July 4, the red and blue teams met on the Wilton High School softball field the next day ready to play.

The Democrats arrived a few players short of an entire team, according to their coach, Democratic Committee member Brian Lilly.

“A few of them had planned to be there on Friday and leave on Saturday,” he said.

The game was still played despite the fact that the Democrats had been rained out of a roster; the Republicans lent four players (including the pitcher that played for both teams) to their friends over the aisle, calling it “talent redistribution.”

The Republicans had amassed an impressive group of players this year, many of whom are players on Wilton’s Parks & Rec adult softball teams.

Coached by Joe Favarolo, who attributes their performance to “[coming] prepared and organized,” the “Big Red” was certainly an intimidating team.

The Democrats had also found a few special players, recruiting Emily and Max Fanwick, children of DTC member Eric Fanwick.

The Democrats’ coach, Brian Lilly, was “feeling confident that we’re going to get killed” at the start of the game.

This hunch wasn’t unfounded — the GOP won with a whopping 15-0, coming back full swing from their forfeit last year.

“Joe Favarolo did a tremendous job fielding and managing the team,” says Chairman of the Wilton RTC Al Alper. “He orchestrated the 15-0 win with outstanding players both on offense and defense. Now we’re looking toward November with the win-d at our backs!”

While the Republicans should have taken home the trophy that day, it seems as though the Frivolity Bucket had gone missing. While the Republicans insist that they’ve returned the trophy since their forfeit last year, the Democrats are sure that the Republicans have misplaced the tin bucket.

Despite this snafu, however, both parties remained friendly throughout the game. Good sportsmanship was in abundance, and the parties both put aside their differences to enjoy the sun and a good ball game.