Reptiles invade the HAN Coffee Break studio

The Massachusetts-based Rainforest Reptile Shows Inc. stopped by our HAN studio for our last show before Christmas, bringing some of the unique animals they have rescued.
Things got a bit wild Wednesday in the Coffee Break studio. EmmaLee Eng and Mack Ralbovsky are two of the educators and reptile experts who join us on Coffee Break. EmmaLee is Stratford native and sister to HAN Network’s editor and host Donald Eng.
They teach us about responsible reptile ownership — especially for those who may be giving or receiving reptiles as pets this year.
Rainforest Reptile Shows present at schools, parties and expos throughout the U.S. and train Connecticut Environmental Police officers on handling these potentially dangerous animals. Many of the animals in their care are former pets. 
Some of the visitors on the show include Delilah (Boa Constrictor), Loki (The American alligator), Toady (A large 3-4 lb. marine toad) and Lenny (A Black and White Tegu).
Rainforest Reptile Shows unique programming engages children of all ages at a hands on level. Experience direct contact with live animals, artifacts and fascinating stories about the animals and their natural habitats. They offer fun, dynamic, educational programs. Get more information here.