Reel Mondays presents double feature

The documentary film series Reel Mondays, presented jointly by the Wilton League of Women Voters and the Wilton Library, will open its fourth season Monday, Oct. 28, with two short films, Walking Merchandise and Fashion Victims. The evening begins at 7.

Walking Merchandise exposes the tragic story of Chinese children trafficked to the United States by smugglers known as “snakeheads.” Produced over two years, this short film tells the story of five children trafficked to the U.S. and the lawyers, social workers, and journalists who have dedicated their careers to helping them and understanding the global forces that brought them to the U.S. Walking Merchandise premiered at the prestigious Rhode Island International Film Festival and is an official selection of the Artivist Film Festival — an NGO partner of the U.N.

Everyone loves a bargain, but what’s the real cost of cheap clothes from Bangladesh’s sweatshops? In Fashion Victims, reporter Sarah Ferguson sets out to find where the clothes in major retail outlets are made. The film chronicles the lives of workers who describe a miserable existence, long hours, pitiful pay and abuse if deadlines aren’t met. In some of the worst cases there is violence and the threat of jail.

Following the films, discussion will be moderated by the Rev. Shannon White of the Wilton Presbyterian Church.

Registration for this program is requested but not required. Register at or by calling 203-762-3950, ext. 213. There is no admission fee, although donations are welcome.