Recent rain boosts water levels in Wilton

WILTON — The Norwalk River was looking very low last week, with rocks that normally would be under water exposed and only the deepest pools with appreciable amounts of water.

All that has changed. From the storm that occurred Aug. 27, Wilton received nearly 1 inch of rain and Saturday’s on and off showers added about 0.15 inches.

It all made a difference that can be seen in the water levels of the river as it makes its way through Schenck’s Island.

For August, Wilton received 3.82 inches or rain, with Aug. 27 being the rainiest day. The next rainiest, with 0.78 inches, was Aug. 18., according to the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

That is a bit less than was received in August of 2019, when 4.44 inches was recorded.

So far this year, Wilton has received 30.07 inches of rain. Totals for last year are incomplete.

April was the rainiest month with 5.85 inches of rain. June was the driest, with just 1.9 inches. There were 18 days when no rain fell at all in June.

Even with the recent downpour, Wilton is just on the edge of the portion of Fairfield County that is considered “abnormally dry” by the U.S. Drought Monitor.

August was also a bit warmer than average. According to NOAA online weather data for Danbury, the average high for the month was 82.6 degrees, with the low averaging 62.5 degrees, giving an overall average of 72.6 degrees.

The normal average high for August is 80.2 degrees, the average low 59.5 degrees, for an overall average of 69.8 degrees.