Rebound walls

The Board of Selectmen July 24 unanimously accepted a gift of two rebound walls for lacrosse practice from the Wilton Lacrosse Association.

The walls allow players to practice their shots against them, said Selectman David Clune, who spoke about the gift offer during the meeting at town hall.

People who want to practice tennis and soccer can also use the walls, Clune said.

One of the walls will be built north of the high school football stadium, and the other will be built south of Lilly Field, adjacent to the parking areas. These are the best locations for the walls the lacrosse assocation could determine, based on talks with school sports officials.

The walls to be constructed are valued at $40,000.

“It provides another practice space for lacrosse boys and girls and high school teams to practice against the walls,” Clune said.

“This will get heavy use,” he said. “We’re very excited to have this put in place.”

The lacrosse assocation must check with town planning director Bob Nerney before putting the walls up.

“Thank  you very much to the Wilton Lacrosse Association,” said First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice.