Quarryhead is invisible

For at least two years, Wilton Environmental Affairs employee Mike Conklin has repeatedly asked the state to replace the sign which marks the hard-to-find entrance to Quarryhead State Park on Ridgefield Road.

During those years, the state has assured Mr. Conklin the sign is “at the signmakers shop,” but said the sign just hasn’t been completed yet.

Requests for comment from the state DEEP went unreturned over the last three weeks.

The entrance to the park is sandwiched between two homes near the intersection of Bald Hill Road, and Ridgefield Road. Without the proper sign in place, the paved path that leads to the park is easy to mistake as a driveway, or to miss altogether.

Prior to the state’s acquisition of the park, which is maintained entirely by the Town of Wilton, the site was the summer retreat of the Degener family from the late 1920s to 1988.

Before its residential use, the site was used for quarrying purposes and provided millstones for grinding rye and corn in local grist mills.

According to a town reference sheet, “The quarry indirectly gave rise to the name Millstone Road in Wilton. A stone originating from Quarry Head was found to be cracked and discarded by a nearby road, which came to be called the ‘road by the millston.’”

In addition, gneiss was mined at the site for use in local building foundations and steps and the Singer Sewing Machine Company used Quarry Head stone for sills and lintels in the factory.