Public hearing on Wilton Plan of Conservation and Development

Wilton’s Plan of Conservation and Development, which has been under review and updating for the past year and a half, will be the subject of a public hearing Thursday, July 18, beginning at 7 p.m., at Trackside Teen Center, 15 Station Road. Members of the public will be invited to comment.

Milone and MacBroom, Inc., a planning and engineering firm based in Cheshire, has been assisting the Planning and Zoning Commission in preparing the plan, which is mandated by the state. The task was undertaken a year early due to increased interest in properties along Route 7 by developers.

As a comprehensive plan, the POCD examines a wide spectrum of topics likely to influence Wilton over the coming decade; including demographics, housing, land use, community facilities, infrastructure, economic development, open space, recreation, transportation and sustainability. In addition to examining data and trends, the plan provides direction with regard to community priorities.

The plan was unveiled online in May and comments made to date by the public, the Board of Selectmen, Historic Distric and Historic Property Commission, the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG), and Wilton Historical Society may be viewed online at

A draft of the document is available, also at that website. Those who cannot attend the meeting but would like to comment may post them online until July 18.

The opening of the draft document includes demographic information including housing, the local economy, land use, development, natural resources, historical resources, community facilities, and transportation. There are also a number of maps that document these items.

The goals that have been put forth through numerous public meetings and surveys have been collected and detailed under the topics of:

 Natural and historical environment.

 Human and economic environment.

 Built environment.

The later section of the plan reviews future land use and a guide to how future plans may be implemented.