Public gardens get planted

WILTON — The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the Wilton Garden Club from its appointed rounds in caring for the town’s public garden spaces, but it has changed the way members have done thing.

Planting at the gardens is usually a sociable, group affair, but this year just one or two members have done the work at each. What’s being planted is a little different, too.

Earlier this year, before the pandemic wreaked havoc with community events, club members had started raising plants for their annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale in the greenhouse at Comstock Community Center. With the sale — the club’s major fundraiser — called off and the plants in hand, they are the ones now in the town gardens.

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Pam Nobumoto and Akira Nobumoto planted flowers and vegetables at Trackside. Usually students help out at the garden over the summer, but how many will be able to do that is not known. Any food produced will go to the Wilton Food Pantry.

Yolanda Bonomo received help planting bulbs and other flowers at Old Town Hall from college volunteers Kaz Nobumoto, Kiana Nobumoto and Quinn Lupton. Meanwhile, Heidi Riggs and Sherry Johnson planted sun and shade gardens at the Chess Park.

Suzanne Knutson and Gretchen Kilmartin put in plantings in the garden at the Veterans Memorial Green.

Knutson also planted flowers at the Horseshoe Pond garden with some help from a man passing by, a “wonderful act of kindness,” she said.

Kara Ash took care of planting at the post office and Yolanda Bonomo was back at it at Merwin Meadows.