Psychologist offers sessions focusing on how to relieve stress

"These days, children seem more stressed; it's as simple as that," said Dr. Ann Reeves, Wilton psychologist. "And so are their parents," she added. And yet, it is not so simple.

Ms. Reeves, long interested in the mind-body connection and neuropsychology, has developed a comprehensive six-session workshop series entitled: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire: Using the Elements of Nature to Transform Stress.

"Since completing an internship in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts several years ago, I learned first-hand that stress causes more than unpleasant emotions; it can seriously affect our health and our relationships, and especially our parenting," she said.

Ms. Reeves works with both adults and children, and has noted the ways stress negatively affects the lives of her clients and their families. She views stress as negative energy, noting that physicists say energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed. "Each one of us is unique and capable of amazing levels of positive energy. The elements of nature can teach us much about grounding, breathing, meditating, and being creative. Each session of the workshop will provide both new learning and experiential activities meant to build a solid foundation of calmness to which one can more easily return during times of stress," she said.

"Using the elements of nature as a metaphor is familiar, comfortable and reassuring," Ms. Reeves added. "Which one of us doesn't fondly recall a lovely walk in the woods, sitting on a beach and listening to the waves, or floating on the water?"

Techniques learned will include visualization, meditation, postures, and mental exercises. Ms. Reeves recently became an Oasis Certified Practitioner with Millie Grenough's Oasis in the Overwhelm method and has studied hypnotherapy with Douglas Soo, Ph.D. She has participated in numerous workshops exploring the mind-body connection with teachers such as Joan Borysenko, Jean Houston, Tom Cowan, and Rick Jarrow.

Classes will be held in Wilton on six Wednesday mornings from 9:30 to 11, from Oct. 3 through Nov. 7. To register, call Dr. Reeves at 203-762-227, or e-mail her at