Property data available through online service

Extensive information on individual properties in town is now available through the Wilton Geographic Information System (GIS). It may be accessed on the town website,, under the Planning & Zoning Department, Assessor Department, or Town Clerk.

The service provides one-stop access to information including property data, topography, wetland information, aerial photography, and transportation routes.

Users may search by name or address to find information on a property including ownership data, parcel shapes, zoning data, wetland information, adjacent properties (referred to as abutters), valuation data, sale history, building area, and construction details as well as a quick map of the property. The service also enables users to create abutters lists.

“Wilton’s GIS service will make property data open and easily available to all including both current and prospective residents and business owners,” First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice said in a press release.