Problems with potholes and other pavement issues topped the list of requests Wilton residents made through SeeClickFix in 2018.

According to statistics released by Sarah Gioffre, coordinator of community affairs in the first selectwoman’s office, there were 547 registered users who made 645 non-emergency requests through the mobile-based platform SeeClickFix in 2018.

Those requests were reported directly to the appropriate town of Wilton department to address and resolve.

Topping the list were 178 requests made about potholes and other pavement issues. Next, were 93 requests about downed trees; following that, 71 requests about mowing, trimming, or overgrown vegetation near roadways.

There were 35 requests made under the “Other” category for issues that did not fall under the standard request categories, such as guardrails, signs on town property, parking at train stations, and storm debris.

The SeeClickFix program was rolled out in Wilton in October 2017. The statistics listed below are for the first full year of operation.

“SeeClickFix has been very successful and has enabled residents to report issues directly to the town and the appropriate departments for resolution. Before that, various departments had to coordinate actions. This way is much more efficient,” Gioffre said.

The SeeClickFix web-based and mobile app tool is free and allows pictures, videos, and other information to be reported. On the town’s end, the platform provides a centralized issue management system for officials. How an issue makes its way along the chain of command is visible to users.

The town reviews requests reported on SeeClickFix regularly to see if creation of a new category is warranted. Road sweeping got its own category due to a number of those issues being reported under “Other.” School facilities was also recently added.

Residents interested in getting the SeeClickFix App can do so by clicking the link on the upper left of the town website’s homepage,