Police charge California juvenile in Parisot case

Wilton Police, thanks to the help of California detectives, have charged a juvenile with manslaughter in the the four-year-old Nicholas Parisot case, according to several reports.

Nick, 13, was killed while riding his off-road motorcycle on trails near his grandparents' house on Hillbrook Lane when he crashed into a rope tied across the path. Nick, son of Kate Throckmorton and Rick Parisot of Nod Hill Road, subsequently died of neck trauma sustained from that impact.

The Wilton Police plan to announce more details at a Friday morning press conference.

In a press release late Thursday, the police said the accused is a juvenile so his name is not being released. He was arrested Thursday afternoon in California, where he lives. The arrest was made by Wilton Detective Christopher Isidro. He was assisted by California detectives, according to the release.

“The police department believes there may be one or more persons in or around Placentia, Calif., who may have information concerning the Parisot investigation,” Lt. Donald Wakeman said in an email Thursday, according to The Hour, before the arrest was announced. “We have contacted law enforcement officials out there to assist us with identifying these subjects and we hope that this effort will allow us to continue to move this investigation forward. This investigation remains a priority, and we will continue to actively follow leads in pursuit of obtaining information that will allow us to strengthen an arrest warrant application.”

The juvenile is being charged with second degree manslaughter, according to police, and Connecticut will seek to extradite the youth back here to face that charge.

According to an article that appeared in The Orange County Register last week, "Connecticut investigators have recently reached out to Placentia police detectives, (Capt. John) Lynch said, believing that 'certain people' in Orange County may have information about the case, although they aren't sure if those people were directly involved or not."

In June 2009, the Parisot family filed a civil lawsuit against the family of Glenn and Barbara Knight, alleging their son, who was 12 at the time, was responsible for Nick's death. The Knights sold their home in Wilton and moved to Placentia in 2010, according to The Register. The boy is now 17.

"People do talk, and someone may have heard something or someone may have said something," Capt. Lynch is quoted as saying, adding, "We are kind of a small community, a close community, and this is very sensitive. It is a priority to resolve this."

In a June letter to the editor of the Bulletin, Chief Michaeal Lombardo wrote: "This case is far from over. Our investigation will not end until there is closure for the Parisot family and the offender and/or offenders are brought to justice. The Wilton Police Department and the Wilton Police Commission are fully committed to bringing those responsible for this crime to justice and will steadfastly continue to investigate this crime until such time as those responsible are arrested and prosecuted."

There were no eyewitnesses and police conducted numerous interviews during the course of their investigation and indicated they had "a person of interest" who was not identified. Wilton police attempted to bring the case before a grand jury but that request was denied.

On the recent fourth anniversary of Nick's death, members of Stand Up for Nick placed sunflowers not far from the site of where he was killed on June 13, 2008.

"It is hard to believe there are still no answers," said Julie Carney, a member of the group that was launched last year to generate awareness about the case and show support for the Parisot family. "It is so not right."

"Nick deserves this," said Ms. Carney. "This is for him We are here to support the Parisots, and we are here in the interests of truth and resolution."

"We hope the case will not go off the radar," said Heather Borden Herve, another member of the group. "We want to keep awareness up The homicide of a child should not go unanswered, although this is not about punishment. This is a testament to the value of Nick's life."