Please support the Trackside Teen Center’s annual appeal today in Wilton

Dear Wilton,

This past year at Trackside has been a transformative one. And we are so excited that your support has helped make many impactful changes and opportunities for hundreds of Wilton's teens.

Trackiside now offers an ever-expanding set of clubs, programs, and events that have diversified the Teens who find Trackside to be their place. The new and improved programs draw in Teens of many interests, from artists, bakers, hikers, and athletes to gardeners, mountain bikers, game lovers, budding comedians and so much more.

Perhaps one of the most fantastic and exciting changes has been the addition of so many new High School students to our team as staff, volunteer leaders, and program participants. Trackside’s enhanced “For Teens by Teens” offers our High School Teens the opportunity to design programs, mentor their younger peers and gain opportunities to experience their first jobs with responsibility and agency. Trackside's High School staffers help to ensure that members have a fun and meaningful experience during every program and special event they attend.

We are thankful that your past support of Trackside has given the opportunity to be there for so many teens and for hope that we can count on your support to ensure that our teens always have their safe place to be together. We are lucky to be part of such a loving and supportive community. We strive to continue strengthening ourselves and how we serve you even more… not only as a Teen Center but also as a place where our whole community comes together during our many special events, and private parties.

In closing, we continue to believe that simple missions are the most powerful. Ours is to continue being a place where Teens can come to have fun, be with friends, and feel good about themselves. As our youth and our community continue to navigate unprecedented and challenging times, this need and your support are critical.

A gift from you today, will continue immensely.