Planning meeting will open four hearings, AROD application out

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting set for July 24 at 7:15 p.m. in the Brubeck Room of Wilton Library could be the first in a long time to be completely routine.

As of 12:45 p.m. on July 19, developer Jim Fieber and his 183 Ridgefield Road LLC withdrew his application for a change of zone at that address for an age-restricted housing development, The developer declined to comment through his spokesperson, Fran DiMeglio, but his attorney, Casey Healy, indicated the point was moot because the commission has rescinded its age-restricted zoning regulations, adopted last fall, that would have made it possible to build age-restricted housing on Ridgefield Road.

A judge ruled a week ago that if Fieber decided to go forward with his application, the hearing would be opened on July 24 but immediately continued. Neighbors there and other town residents strongly resisted the plan, turning out at Planning and Zoning hearings in numbers more than 100.

Now, it remains to be seen what will become of one of the neighbor's legal actions against the age-restricted housing plan. Attorney Christopher Russo, who represents resident Vicki Mavis in her opposition to the would-be plan, still has an application before the board to eliminate Ridgefield Road from the overlay regulations.

Now that the regulations are rescinded, there is no point.

Russo said before Healy filed the withdrawal that he was still watching to see what Fieber would do, though.

“We are holding the public hearing on our application open as we monitor the situation with the AROD rescission and the application of 183 Ridgefield Road, LLC. The statutory timeframe on the public hearing has yet to expire, so we will keep deferring until we’re assured AROD has been removed from the Zoning Regulations,” Russo said of the July 24 meeting.

The Bulletin will continue to monitor whether the Fieber application is withdrawn. Check for any possible update.

The commission does have four public hearings scheduled, three of which have to do with regulations that had to be rescinded because of improper public notification:

  • CH Danbury Road Associates — parking requirements;

  • Change of zone from R-1A to General Business District for 578 Danbury Road;

  • Zoning regulation amendment to establish provisions for temporary and portable lighting for outdoor use within 1,500 feet of Danbury Road.

The fourth hearing is for a special permit application to operate a commercial kennel at 759 Danbury Road.