Wilton Planning and Zoning subcommittee begins to map out plans

WILTON - At its meeting on Aug. 19, the Planning and Zoning Subcommittee began compiling a list of topics to discuss regarding future plans for the Danbury Road overlay district.

Chairman Rick Tomasetti presented a draft of items intended to encourage direct development within the boundaries of the zones fronting on and adjacent to Danbury Road while maintaining the objectives of the town’s 2020 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

Other points in the list included a desire to encourage the preservation, restoration and reuse of historic assets and ensure that new buildings are compatible with their context.

Tomasetti also mentioned from his draft that he wants to ensure that new buildings are compatible with and enhance the historic and environmental assets both on and offsite.

The subcommittee discussed the need to provide new diverse housing types that would include multi-family attached housing and provide additional affordable housing.

Tomasetti suggested that, since it will take time to get through the list, the subcommittee should focus on one subject at a time.

“In my thinking, this is a good organization, because we have architects, attorneys, and planners,” said commission member Christopher Pagliaro.

Pagliaro also believes that the subcommittee should have professional and consulting people helping the group as they move forward.

“I want other commissions coming to us,” Pagliaro said.

Pagliaro also noted that the group needs to look at zones, goals, and historic assets on property.

Vice Chair Melissa-Jean Rotini expressed a concern about single- and multi-family homes in a zone. She believes in using overlay and design features.

“There are many zones and lots of zones on top of each other and it gets confusing and overwhelming,” she said.

The subcommittee also discussed looking at mapping the area (aerials, zoning map, etc.) to plan out its ideas.

“The subcommittee is working together to develop a plan and ideas are being put out there for others to digest. Nothing is set in stone yet, very fluid” said town planner Michael Wrinn.

As of right now, the next scheduled meeting for the subcommittee is set for Sept. 23 at 7:15 p.m., with more dates added if need be.