Photographer Hawk talks with Kiwanians

International documentary photographer Daryl Hawk will give a presentation, "The Art of Adventure," to the Wilton Kiwanis Club on Wednesday, Nov. 28 at noon. The luncheon and slideshow will take place at Saint Matthew's Episcopal Church.

For the past 25 years, Daryl Hawk has traveled alone to some of the most remote and isolated places in the world telling stories with his camera. He spends weeks at a time documenting and immersing himself in the different cultures and landscapes.

With a visually interpretive style, Mr. Hawk tries to capture the heart and soul of a country with his photographs, depicting a characteristics of the landscapes, as well as the timeless moments and passions of the people.

"I like looking for wild country to be young in where my mind can run free and fast with the constant visual stimulation I experience from dawn to dusk — always seeking and searching for something new and different."

A member of the Explorers Club and author of three books, Mr. Hawk also runs a full service studio named Hawk Photography in Wilton.

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