Connecticut produced more peaches last year than any of its New England neighbors. The state finished in the middle of the pack for apple production.
According to the Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts 2014 Summary, released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Connecticut’s peach production was 1,750 tons, up 32% from 2013. The yield per acre was 4.43 tons, up more than a ton from the previous year. The value of these peaches totaled $4.38 million, up 19% from 2013.
Massachusetts led New England last year in apple production with a yield of 40.3 million pounds, worth $19.8 million.
It was followed by Maine, which produced 36.8 million pounds worth $15.5 million, and  Vermont, with 28.2 million pounds worth $11.5 million.
Connecticut was fourth, producing 19.6 million pounds valued at $12.4 million.
New Hampshire, with 16.5 million pounds ($10.2 million) and Rhode Island with 1.7 million ($1.26 million) rounded out the area’s production.
Interestingly, each state except for Maine, saw its apple production decline in 2014 from the year before.
Massachusetts was the only state to figure in cranberry production, harvesting 2.04 million barrels, up 11% from 2013. The state harvested 12,400 acres, down 800 acres from the previous year. The harvested cranberries were worth $75.5 million, up 31% from 2013.
Not surprisingly, Maine was the only state to produce wild blueberries — 104.4 million pounds, up 20% from 2013. Their value totaled $63.5 million, down 4% from 2013.