Painting: Weir Farm Art Alliance in Wilton donates to park

Pictured is the painting titled:

Pictured is the painting titled: “Foggy Morning” by American Impressionist Artist Julian Alden Weir.

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In celebration of the new designation of Weir Farm National Historical Park, the Weir Farm Art Alliance, (WFAA), has announced the donation of “Foggy Morning,” an oil painting by American Impressionist Painter Julian Alden Weir, to the park.

The Alliance recently purchased the painting from a collector with a generous donation from the Thompson Family Foundation, who is a longtime supporter of the Alliance. The landscape painting features a sunrise through the trees with cattle at bay at Weir Farm before 1910.

Over the past 30 years, the Alliance has acquired, and donated more than 100 pieces of art to the park. A detailed listing, along with images of the donations, can be viewed on the Alliance’s website:

The Alliance is dedicated to reuniting artwork to the park to celebrate its artistic legacy, and to share the works with the public.

The Alliance also preserves, sustains and promotes the legacy of the Artist, Weir. It also honors Weir, and the continued generations of artists inspired by the farm, most notably Mahonri Young, and Sperry and Doris Andrews.

Through its partnership with the park, the Alliance also provides philanthropy and active support for the farm’s artistic traditions, historic and cultural landscape and a nationally recognized artist in residence program, for the enjoyment of all.