POCD will be published soon

Nearly two months after the final workshop for a new Plan of Conservation and Development, the Planning and Zoning Commission has directed consultants for the project to turn information collected into a highly organized book complete with an executive summary.

The POCD will be modeled after a recent one consultant Milone & MacBroom made for Guilford, rather than being based on previous versions for Wilton.

The guidance to the consultant was given at a special meeting of the commission Aug. 2 at the town hall annex.

The commissioners looked at sample plans from Guilford, Wallingford, Woodbridge and Watertown. They liked Guilford the best, overall.

“The executive summary was a major selling point and something to consider,” said Bob Nerney, the town’s planning director, following the meeting.

Each of the plans ran about 100 pages. All had data and background information for all the categories of conservation and development, including housing and where to build it.

But the Guilford plan had an edge, in that the reader could grasp the essence of the plan within the first 20 pages, and that is the one Wilton’s plan will be modeled after.

The first draft of the Wilton plan should be delivered to the commission sometime in September, Nerney said.

The consultants have been compiling information, but needed a sense of structure before writing the extensive report.

“We thought it important to have this structure call to give them guidance on structure of how the thing is going to be organized, not the substance,” said Scott Lawrence, chairman of the commision. A video of the meeting is available online, on the town’s website, wiltonct.org.

After the draft document is presented, the next step in the POCD process will be a scientific telephone survey of the town’s residents, on all the points of the POCD, including preservation and conservation issues.

That survey should be done in late September, Nerney said.

The telephone survey will amplify on the questions asked in the less formal online surveys that have been ongoing this year on the consultant’s website, wilton2029.com.

“The actual telephone survey will be broader in scope and done by a professional polling company, to identify  broader community objectives moving forward into the next decade,” Nerney said.