Our Lady of Fatima closed school in Wilton ‘not for sale,’ Rev. says

Photo of J.D. Freda

WILTON — The school building on the Our Lady of Fatima campus remains mostly unused following the shuttering of its Pre-K to 8th grade Catholic academy over the summer.

But Rev. Reggie Norman, the parish’s pastor, said that might not be the case for much longer.

He said the parish is not interested in selling the building, which is solely used for the church’s religious education at the moment. He said there have been a number of potential suitors looking to rent various aspects of the school building though, including its kitchen and the gym for events.

“We’ve had tons of inquiries,” Norman said.

The school closed at the end of the last school year despite parents' petitioning and fundraising efforts.

And while Norman said he and the Our Lady of Fatima staff will come together to make a decision in the coming weeks on what will be rented and for how long, he wants to weigh his options with the knowledge that other schools are interested in inhabiting the building.

“We still need space for our religious education,” Norman said.

The parish’s religious education system is currently run out of the school building, with its offices located in the basement.

Norman said he and the staff are looking for others interested in using the school since rental income would be helpful as the parish continues to upkeep the property and pay utilities.

Any potential renter aiming to have children on site will need to get the proper insurance and complete child protection courses, Norman said.

Norman said he would entertain leasing out the space on a long-term, full-year basis “next school year, at the earliest.”

He confirmed schools have approached Our Lady of Fatima looking to rent the space, but did not disclose who the suitors were and if the school would be parochial or secular. He did say, however, the parish is supremely interested in finding a fit.

In the interim, the parish will entertain shorter-term leases.

“The best possible option is that we find another school to rent the building,” Normand said.