Optional telephone survey part of town plan

In case the public forums, charrettes and multiple opportunities for public input fall short, the writers of the town’s revised Plan of Conservation and Development are prepared to go to the telephones.
The Center for Research and Public Policy is available to conduct a confidential, random, mixed-use survey of 400 residents in town, according to an outline of the plan.
The plan outline was presented at a meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission Sept. 18 and a copy was made available to The Bulletin.
Statistically valid results reflect a more accurate cross-section of the population compared to traditional online surveys, according to the text of the plan.
The phone survey has the potential of being conducted at different junctures, such as for visioning, early in the master plan process to identify issues, or policy refinement later in the process to get feedback on specific action items and policy recommendations.
The plan should be complete enough by December of 2018 for a 65-day public review period, according to the outline. The official compete document would be delivered in February of 2019.
The plan has to be updated under state law every 10 years. The latest plan was adopted on Jan. 1, 2010. Consultants Milone & MacBroom are working with the Planning and Zoning Commission on the plan.