On the move in Wilton: preschool, tile showroom

There is a plan before the Planning and Zoning Commission to convert the former Vallin Galleries on Danbury Road to a tile showroom.

There is a plan before the Planning and Zoning Commission to convert the former Vallin Galleries on Danbury Road to a tile showroom.

Jeannette Ross / Hearst Connecticut Media

At its meeting on June 22, the Planning and Zoning Commission opened a public hearing for both the Apple Blossom School and a retail tile store.

The school is seeking to move from its present location at 440 Danbury Road to a building at 426 Danbury Road that it would seek to convert under the adaptive use zoning rules.

Architect Rob Sanders explained that the applicants want an easily accessible location near the current school. At the new site, they would like to establish a one-way loop entrance that makes it easier for parents to drop off their children.

Since the children don’t all get dropped off at the same time, because different age groups start at different times, this would not present a traffic issue, he said.

The school offers programs with infants, toddlers, nursery preschool, and mixed-aged kindergarten children. Summer camp at the school will began June 29 and will run until Aug. 21 for children ages 2-7 years old.

As for the building itself, there will be some changes to the exterior that include replacing a window and moving a door.

“The applicants are proposing a long-term lease to plant their roots,” Sanders said.

There was no public comment and the public hearing will be continued on July 13 to discuss any further details.

Tile showroom

A public hearing was also opened for an application submitted by Bruce Darbandi to have a tile retail store at 516 Danbury Road, which is an adaptive reuse of the former antique shop, Vallin Galleries.

The plan is to have a showroom on the main floor and office space on the second level.

One area needing improvement is the lower parking area. The proposal includes a 20-foot-wide paved driveway along with a gravel parking lot to include five parking spaces. There will also be a lamp to provide light to the main building.

As for the design and landscaping for the property, Kate Throckmorton, landscape architect wants to “keep it simple and neat.”

Before the project can move forward, it will need to be finalized with the Inland Wetlands Commission. The public hearing will be continued on July 13.

New applicants Erskine Associates, LLC at 134 Olmstead Hill Road is seeking to complete a project that will convert an existing free-standing cottage to accessory dwelling unit. There is a scheduled public hearing for this on July 13.

Editor’s Note: The potential future address of Apple Blossom School and the retail tile store was previously misidentified as 416 Danbury Road. The correct address is 426 Danbury Road.