Of pi and pie

Those who love math and numbers, and the rest of us who just like a reason — any reason — to celebrate, observe Pi Day each year on March 14, since the date, 3.14, corresponds to the first three digits of the numerical value of pi.

Some people proclaimed last year’s observance as Super Pi Day, since the date corresponded with the first five digits — 3.14.15 — and the time of 9:26:53 carried the value even further.

But there are some who say next Monday also qualifies as a Super Pi Day since if the value of pi were rounded up to four decimal places it would be 3.14.16. For those who really want to stretch things, they can celebrate again on July 22, known as Pi Approximation Day, since the fraction 22/7 is a common approximation of pi. Perhaps that’s going a bit too far.

Some of us would just rather celebrate National Pie Day, which unfortunately has already passed for this year since the American Pie Council recognizes it as Jan. 23.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Pi Day, super or not, with our favorite pie.