O’Dea throws support to Zucaro and Healy in Wilton’s 143rd district

WILTON — State Rep. Thomas O’Dea has represented the 125th district, which includes Wilton and New Canaan, since 2013.

“From 2017-2018 we had all Republicans representing New Canaan and Wilton and during that time we passed a bipartisan no-tax increase budget that implemented a spending and borrowing cap, which created an approximate $3-billion dollar rainy day fund,” he said in endorsing Patrizia Zucaro to represent the 143rd House District. “Then in 2018, because of people’s dissatisfaction with D.C., the district voted out one of the best legislators our state has ever had, Toni Boucher.”

Following other GOP losses, “in 2019, the legislature passed some of the most anti-business legislation in our state’s history and increased spending and taxes, not to mention the anti-police legislation, attempted school regionalization, and the state control of local zoning that is ready to be implemented if given enough of a majority,” he said.

“We need Patrizia Zucaro in the General Assembly. After a decade in real estate, Patrizia has spent the last eight years practicing law in both Connecticut and New York. Patrizia knows how our legislature works, particularly when it comes to knowing the practical implications when passing legislation. Being an attorney as well, I know firsthand how it gives you a skill set that allows you to quickly identify problems and find solutions along with advocating for constituents. Patrizia will advocate for your interests, not special interests, especially when it comes to local control of our schools and zoning.

O’Dea also endorsed Kim Healy in her run to represent the 26th district in the state Senate.

“Kim and her husband raised their four children in Wilton where they intend to stay. She is an accountant, and a former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers. A daughter and sister to two police officers, Kim knows how vital police and first responders are in keeping our communities safe. She will support our towns and our police. That is why she received the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement along with endorsements from the seven police unions in the 26th district.

“The majority party has controlled Connecticut’s budget for over 40 years. Connecticut ranks at or near the bottom in business climate, taxes, debt per capita and job growth. In fact, we are the only state that has not recovered from 2008 and the only state in which the public sector makes more than the private sector for similar jobs. Isn’t it time to give us a chance?” he said.