Nutty Nutmegs

While doing some housecleaning around The Bulletin’s office, a slim volume was found titled Nutty Nutmegs Being Selections from A Bathtub Meditator’s ‘Better Guide to Connecticut Towns.’ That’s a long way of saying it is a collection of ditties by Wiltonian Morris Earle, written in 1963.

A former state representative, Mr. Earle was active in the Kiwanis Club of Wilton in the 1950s and helped found the Wilton Land Conservation Trust in 1964.

The booklet includes limericks about 54 Connecticut towns, including Wilton. Several were published decades ago in The Bulletin. From time to time, they may appear in those tiny holes sprinkled throughout the paper editors like to plug with “fillers.”

Here is Wilton.

I hear in the South part of Wilton

They are building the new Wilton Hilton

On ten acres of ground

That were suddenly found

With none of it hitherto built on.