NORWALK — Norwalk Public Schools announced Friday it was alerted to 11 new positive COVID-19 cases, according to an email sent to parents and staff.

The school system finished contact tracing for the cases it was aware of and told more than 60 students and staff to quarantine, the email read. Officials say just two of the cases were tied to people who have been on campus recently. They are also “awaiting information on results from additional tests that we know people have taken,” according to the email.

“The affected people have been instructed to remain home in self-isolation and have been provided with additional instructions to follow prior to returning to school,” the email read. “Family members have also been instructed to contact their healthcare provider about getting tested.”

The announcement comes after Brien McMahon High School and magnet school students began learning fully virtually Friday after a rise in cases. At least six of the cases were tied to McMahon and the Center for Global Studies, the email read, but the individuals affected didn’t contract the virus in school.

“Contact tracing indicates that they appear to be connected to weekend social gatherings and a non-school related scavenger hunt that took place during the week,” the email read.

Extracurricular activities are canceled for McMahon and the center this weekend.