Norwalk and Wilton Ys merge

A merger between the Wilton Family YMCA and the Norwalk YMCA, in the works for two years, has been completed. As a result, both Ys will now be known as Riverbrook Regional YMCA serving the entire city of Norwalk, through the Route 7 corridor, including Wilton, Georgetown and Redding.
Robert McDowell, executive director of the Wilton Family Y and acting CEO of the Norwalk Y,  will now assume the new role as CEO of Riverbrook Regional YMCA.
“By working together we believe our new YMCA entity will be able to offer more diverse, better and highly tailored services to the communities we serve,” McDowell said in a press release. “Because of the collaborative relationship that already exists and the potential to provide enhanced opportunities to both areas, the time is right to transition to a single entity. We are committed to using our resources in the most effective way to ensure strong YMCA member services in all these communities with enthusiasm and pride, for many years to come.”
A press release from the Wilton Y said the “impact of this merger will strengthen the communities of both YMCAs by enhancing existing services that focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility and creating new programs that build a strong foundation to grow these services to reach even more children, teens, adults and families well into the future.”