The Norwalk River Valley Trail emerged as the most popular amenity in town, in an online survey of 308 residents conducted by the consultants crafting the town’s Plan of Conservation and Development.

“A new amenity is one of the most widely used and most important — the Norwalk River (Valley) Trail,” the consultant, Milone & MacBroom, wrote in a report delivered May 17 to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

According to the results of the survey, nearly 100 of the 306 respondents regularly use use the trail, which means 24 or more visits during the year, year-round.

The Norwalk River Valley Trail project aims to build 33 miles of trail connecting Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk to Rogers Park in Danbury, passing through Wilton, Ridgefield and Redding along the way. It will be a 10-foot-wide, ADA-compliant trail creating recreation opportunities for walkers, hikers, cyclists, kids, and pets.

Second in popularity were the fields at Wilton public schools. The Wilton High School fields and track ranked high, with more than 50 of the respondents regularly using each of those amenities.

The Comstock Community Center, Allen’s Meadow and Ambler Farm had roughly the same amount of popularity, with about 50 of the respondents regularly using each of those.

The least-used amenities in town were shown to be the Post Field at The Montessori School, the Gilbert & Bennett fields, and the Merwin Meadows fields. Lion’s Park had no regular users, making it the least popular of all town amenities.

When it comes to amenities residents would like to have, top on the list was a swimming pool. Second was an ice skating rink, and third were playgrounds. A dog park, a bike path or lanes on the roads, and a track followed.