Norwalk River Valley Tail remains closed after coyote sighting

The Norwalk River Valley Trail in Wilton remains closed after a sighting of a coyote on Saturday, April 8. Wilton police received a report at 2:30 Saturday afternoon of an encounter between a dog and a coyote on the Wilton Loop section.

Although the dog was leashed it broke free after seeing the coyote. Contrary to earlier reports, the dog was not injured during the encounter.

The Wilton Police Department animal control officer is working closely with representatives of the trail to ensure a safe re-opening for all its users and pets.

Police advise checking the NRVT Facebook page for updates regarding the Wilton Loop’s status.

As of this morning, the page offers safety tips to prevent dog-coyote encounters. These include:

  • Know coyotes can be present any time;

  • When out with your dog, remain with it at all times;

  • Learn about coyote behavior and habits;

  • Know what food sources might attract a coyote to your neighborhood;

  • Alert local animal control officers to sightings and encounters.