No first selectman primary in Wilton

There won’t be any political primaries in Wilton come September.

The deadline for filing a petition for a primary was Wednesday, Aug. 7, by 4 p.m. But as of that time, Wilton’s registrars of voters said they had not received any Republican or Democratic primary petitions.

Michael Powers, an attorney and certified public accountant, told the Bulletin in July if he did not get the nomination from the Republican Town Committee (RTC) for the first selectman’s seat, he was prepared to primary for it or go on the ballot as a petitioning candidate.

Republican registrar Annalisa Stravato said Powers took out petition papers for a primary, but never submitted them.

In July, Powers lost the RTC’s nomination to Republican incumbent Lynne Vanderslice, who is seeking a second term in office.

Although he did not force a Republican primary, Powers has submitted a nominating petition with the Wilton Town Clerk to become a petitioning candidate for first selectman.

His nominating petition was sent to the secretary of the state’s office for verification, according to Town Clerk Lori Kaback. She said it is up to them to validate the petition and she is waiting for the results. “It’s unofficial at this time,” she said.

If the petition is declared valid, Powers will be on the ballot in November as a petitioning candidate and will face Republican Lynne Vanderslice and Democrat Deborah McFadden for the first selectman’s seat.

Board of Selectmen

The race for the Board of Selectmen may also heat up a bit more.

David Clune, an unaffiliated voter, submitted a nominating petition to run for the Board of Selectmen on Aug. 7, according to Kaback.

Clune is an incumbent on the board and was first elected in 2015.

Kaback said Clune’s petition, like the one for Powers, has been sent to the secretary of the state’s office for verification.

There are two positions up for grabs on the Board of Selectmen. If Clune is successful with his nominating petition, he will face Republican Joshua Cole and Democrats Ceci Maher and Ross Tartell in the November election.

Clune and Powers did not respond to calls for comment at this time.