WILTON — The coronavirus infection rate continues to climb in Wilton, with nine new cases reported on Nov. 2.

That brings the town’s number of COVID-19 cases to 22 in the past three days, after eight cases were reported on Oct. 29, and five were reported on Oct. 30.

There were 52 cases of COVID-19 reported in Wilton from Oct. 1 through Nov. 2, more than triple the the entire month of September, which had 16 reported cases.

Wilton remains on a “Yellow Alert” designation by the state, which labels towns which report five to nine daily cases per 100,000 population as “yellow.”

There have been a total of 316 reported cases of COVID in Wilton since the onset of the pandemic, 109 additional since June 16, when Phase 2 reopening was implemented, and 116 since May 19, the beginning of Phase 1. The town has a total of 42 reported COVID-related deaths.

Statewide, as of Nov. 1, there have been 73,858 total reported COVID cases, with 340 patients currently hospitalized for the virus, and 4,627 total deaths.