WILTON — Cases of the coronavirus continue to rise in Wilton.

There have been nine new cases of COVID-19 reported by the Department of Public Health for Wilton, bringing the total to 18 cases in the last seven days.

That brings the total of positive COVID cases in Wilton to 294, with 42 deaths.

“There was not a single event responsible for the new cases this weekend, or the recent increase in cases,” said First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice. “New cases were spread primarily among those aged 20 to 60.”

A case of COVID-19 was reported at the Cider Mill School on Friday, Oct. 23, prompting Schools Superintendent Kevin Smith to send an email saying, “the specific people impacted will be on remote learning or self-monitoring for 14 days. School administrators are reaching out to those who had ‘close contact’ with the individual and they are being directed to quarantine for 14 days.”

COVID-19 is on the rise throughout the state. Fairfield County had 1,219 reported cases in the last seven days, while statewide there have been 4,078 new cases in that same time. There are 270 patients hospitalized in the state for the virus, an increase of 37.

“We recognize that COVID fatigue is real,” Vanderslice said. “My family is just like yours in that we are unable to do many of the things we love and were unable to properly honor a recently lost loved one. But, we know wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding high risk activities and avoiding travel to high-risk states are the most important things we can do to limit the spread of the virus.”