New web page for residential buyers

There’s a new page designed to attract residential buyers on town website

It’s called “Thinking of Moving to Wilton? Explore the Town,” and it can be accessed via, or directly by navigating to

The new page features photographs of Wilton and a special contact form to request further information. It has a “Spotlight on Wilton” section, and contains links to various town and school websites.

Behind the launch of this new web page are First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice and Information Systems Director John Savarese.

“Listening to brokers and residents and doing some Googling myself, it appeared there wasn’t an easily accessible single spot for a prospective residential buyer looking for a sense of the community and some of our offerings,” Vanderslice told The Bulletin.

She said she and Savarese implemented the page to buy time until Wilton’s Economic Development Commission could put together something better.

“The Economic Development Commission has provided the spot for businesses [at]. They’ve talked about doing something residential, but they have a very full plate right now,” Vanderslice said.

“In the meantime, I thought I would try to quickly get something up on the town’s website,” she said.

Working with Savarese, “we tweaked a proforma available on one of the low price web hosting sites,” Vanderslice said. “Whenever we have a few minutes here and there, we would add a link or a photo.”

“John is actually the photographer of the first two photos,” Vanderslice said.

As the two added to the page whenever time would allow, little by little their contributions took form.

“Mid week, we decided we had enough to take it live, though we will continue to add as we have time,” Vanderslice said.

“I’m sure the much-more-talented Economic Development Commission marketing people will come up with something more comprehensive, but, for now, when a prospective residential buyer clicks onto the town’s website, they have this,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Vanderslice has worked with Savarese to improve the town’s website.

In January, they performed an overhaul of, grouping hyperlinks on the homepage together by subject matter, introducing a theme, and adding a section to display the current week’s public meeting schedule.