The Wilton Police Department is participating in the Blue Envelope Program, an initiative to assist drivers who are on the autism spectrum, and enhance communication between the police and a driver with autism.

Drivers with autism can place their insurance card, registration and driver license in a specially-issued “blue envelope,” which they can hand to a police officer during a traffic stop.

On the outside of the envelope is helpful tips and instructions for both the officer and driver on how to successfully communicate with each other.

Drivers are directed to keep the envelope either in the glove box, or visor of their car. Police officers are trained to know what the envelope means.

Police Captain Robert Cipolla said the Blue Envelope program came to the attention of the Wilton through legislation and the Connecticut Police Chief’s Association.

The envelopes are available at all CT Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV) locations, police stations, driving schools and through autism advocacy groups. Drivers can have multiple envelopes.