New insect and tick repellent on the market

Chris L. Fuentes of Wilton, CEO and founder of Ranger Ready repellents, has announced the release of a new product, Scent Zero, which recently received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Scent Zero is an insect and tick repellent that has no scent. Its active ingredient is Picaridin 20%, which is safe for children over age one and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, according to Fuentes. “We created Ranger Ready with Picaridin 20% because it’s highly effective against ticks and can be worn by adults and children who must be protected every day,” he said.
Fuentes said he was motivated to create an effective tick repellent after contracting Lyme disease, and after his sons contracted Lyme disease and were greatly affected in their college sports careers and beyond.
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