New field means new rules

The new organic turf field at Wilton High School’s Veterans Memorial Stadium means new rules as well.

These rules include that no food or beverages, including sports drinks, will be allowed inside the track and field area. Only water will be permitted, according to a rules list released this month by the Board of Selectmen.

There will be no smoking, and no use of any tobacco products, including chewing tobacco.

No glass containers will be permitted. There will be no chewing gum, seeds or nuts.

Golfing will not be permitted. Skating, rollerblading and skateboarding will be forbidden.

No bicycles, strollers, scooters, or other wheeled vehicles will be allowed.

There will be no motorized or unauthorized vehicles.

Pets and animals will be off-limits.

Metal cleats will be banned. No stakes, poles, posts, or markers of any kind may be driven into the field.

No temporary markings like painted lines and tape will be allowed on the field.

Chairs, tents and stages will be allowed on the turf only if protective mats are placed underneath.

“Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of turf use privileges or financial penalties,” according to the rules.

The rules also apply for the new Kristine Lilly turf field.

To report unclean conditions or defects on the turf, contact the Wilton Parks and Recreation Department at 203-834-6234 or the Police Department at 203-834-6260.

The turf field is used by permit only. Permits are available from Wilton Parks and Recreation.