New design commences for community center

Major renovations are under way at Comstock Community Center, 180 School Road, and the new roofing project is expected to be completed as early as next spring, according to Parks & Recreation Director Steve Pierce.

Funded through town bonding, the Comstock project will be executed by Hoffmann Architects, which was chosen after Wilton conducted an architectural vetting process.

The roof has reached the end of a 20-year life span, and new construction could give the long-standing community center at least another 20 years of service to the town, according to First Selectman Bill Brennan.

The promise of 20 more years is a good reason to design and refurbish the interior sooner rather than later, so residents can get the most out of the roofing costs, he said.

"Let's do renovations up front so we get the benefit of them," he said.

"The center's got a lot of life left in it," Mr. Brennan said, citing evaluations by a variety of architectural companies — including Turner Construction, KG&D Architects and Hoffmann Architects.

It would cost about $15 million to $16 million to construct a comparable establishment, so extending its life for at least another couple of decades is well worth it, Mr. Brennan said.