WILTON — With the coronavirus pandemic keeping people at home, Michael Fensterstock of Wilton has started a new business that does double duty.

His company, alldaysnacks.com, sells a wholesome cheesy snack which he delivers door-to-door, and provides job opportunities for people who are unemployed or underemployed.

The snack on Fensterstock’s menu is arepas, a cross between a pancake and a tortilla. Made with corn flour, they are gluten-free and nut-free.

Arepas (pronounced “uh-rey-puhs”) come in three flavors, classic cheese, cheese with rosemary and garlic, and a sweet chocolate arepa. They come frozen and are popped into the freezer until ready to eat. They are then heated on a frying pan, griddle or panini press, and ready to serve.

Arepas are very popular throughout South America. Fensterstock’s family was introduced to them by their au pair who comes from Colombia. They are made with corn flour, which does not contain gluten, which was important for Fensterstock who does not eat gluten.

They quickly became a favorite treat not only for him but for his family and two young boys, Parker, 3, and Blaire, 2.

Each arepa contains about 200 calories per serving so they have fewer calories than a buttered bagel, muffin or commercial Hot Pockets.

“The cheese arepas are crunchy on the outside and gooey in the middle, like a grilled cheese. They’re delicious and I love them. I tried pre-packaged arepas from grocery stores, and they were very disappointing, so I decided to create my own line of arepas,” Fensterstock said.

Because alldaysnacks.com is a small operation, Fensterstock has decided to distribute the arepas locally, directly to people’s homes, instead of selling them in stores.

“I want people to have access to this product which I love so much, so we are bringing them to customers in Fairfield County,” he said.

The arepas, in each of the three different flavors, sell for $6.99 for a four-pack and $32 for a pack of 20, and can be ordered on alldaysnacks.com.

Fensterstock’s direct method of distribution also creates job opportunities, which he views as an important component of his business.

“My goal is to create jobs selling these arepas. I’m trying to create a sustainable way for people who are unemployed or underemployed to earn money. All they need is a deep freezer, the product and a playbook, and they can become distributors in a local area,” he said.

To learn more about the arepas and job opportunities, visit alldaysnacks. com.