New Haven Line commuters may see delays following Saturday morning fire

New Haven Line commuters May face delays of 5-10 minutes following a fire that destroyed an "important remote switch controlling house near Cos Cob on Saturday morning," according to a May 11 Metro-North press release.

As a result of the fire at the switching control house, which allows trains to switch between all four tracks, Metro-North's trains are currently limited to two eastbound tracks and two westbound tracks between Port Chester, N.Y., and Stamford, according to Metro-North.

"The railroad is only able to use two of four tracks in the peak direction through a nine-mile stretch," Metro-North explained in its press release.

Three of the four New Haven Line peak-direction tracks are typically used during peak periods. The limit of peak-direction trains to two tracks for nine miles "creates a bottleneck that will result in congestion-related delays through the area," according to Metro-North.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, according to Metro-North.

The fire has also "eliminated the ability of the railroad to operate trains around problems if they arise in this area," according to Metro-North, which also stated that rescue switching locomotives will be on standby in case any train were to become disabled.

According to Metro-North, the restoration of limited switching capability at the Cos Cob remote controlling house will be a "highly complex" and "ongoing" process.

According it the Metro-North press release, "a manual control panel is expected to take weeks to implement," and "many extra operations employees have been called in to work with all available resources to reduce customer impacts."

Metro-North reported that trains will be able to continue operating safely through the area and that "there is no loss to safety protections as a result of the fire."

Metro-North is in the process of developing the schedule to replace the damaged control house.